Older Dog Gets Trapped in Chair (and Rescued)


The fine print with older dogs is that they need to be careful. They are not as spry or as quick as they once were, and sometimes they may forget that. Take, for example, Bandit. Bandit just happened to get his paw stuck in the recliner mechanism of his owner’s chair. It may have nothing to do with age, and just a case of bad luck and bad timing. But with senior dogs (older dogs), you need to be even more cautious when rescuing them, as you don’t want to hurt them any worse.

So Florida firefighters were called in to rescue Bandit from the chair. While it took some time to calm the dog, they did get Bandit out of the chair mechanism just fine. Never underestimate the magic that firefighters do. They are truly the heroes to all us animal lovers. Also, they get extra props to getting Bandit out in such a way where it didn’t actually cause the dog anymore harm. That is that extra bit of care fire fighters show when handling animals, and that makes all the difference.

Older dogs need a little extra care, and thank you goes out to the Florida fire fighters (and fire fighters all over the country) who seem like they understand that.

(Photo Credit: Lealman Fire District)

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