One Of The Funniest Things Dogs Do

Dogs have many kinds of habits. Good ones, bad ones, and more often than not, funny ones. From hiding dog biscuits under couches for months at a time, to walking in circles before they lay down. But there is one thing that we find extra hilarious that dogs do. It really is one of the funniest things dog do. It usually involves two dogs, and somehow, it never ends, no matter how much older or bigger they get. What are we talking about?

It always seems that when two dogs are lying around, one of those dogs sits on the other one. Not disrespectfully, mind you. Just rests bis butt on the back end or side of his buddy or brother. This usually starts when they are puppies, and the funniest part is that it actually doesn’t seem to end, even when the dogs get bigger. To us, that is one of the funniest things any dog can do. It is cute when they are puppies, but you would think it would end us they grow up, yet somehow, one dog sitting on the other just becomes like a safety blanket to them, and they do it their whole lives.

But what is extra great about it is that the dog who gets sat upon just grows to accept it. He doesn’t get mad, he rarely tries to move. I almost feel like it is something that brings comfort to both dogs, as insane as it may be. So tell us, what do you think is one of the funniest things that dogs do?

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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