A Pacific Grove Man Registers His Dog To Vote

Voting rights have been a pretty hot topic in the news lately. Just last month we posted an article on our sister site Kittentoob about a cat that was put on the ticket to run for Mayor in a town in Mexico. Often times when the topic of voting is discussed it’s centered around voter discrimination and ID laws. But in the Central Coast something just came up involving a dog.

A man in Pacific Grove decided that he would point out a flaw in the voting system by registering his Golden Retriever Cooper to vote. Not only did Cooper’s owner register him to vote online but even got back a verification complete with a voter ID number. And this isn’t the first time Richard Davis has done this.

Back in 1996 he registered his then dog Fifer. So here we are over 15 years later and it still appears that Davis is able to get away with this. So what can we do? Watch the video above.

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