Photo Of A Senior Dog’s Last Car Ride Reminds Us That Love Trumps All


This is a photo that is not all that easy to look at and take in. This is a dog that has lived a long life. We don’t know much about this dog’s life other than the fact that he clearly had someone who loved him with him at the end of his life. We know that this dog is taking in the last moments of his life. We know that he has very little time left. We know that he is a senior dog that has very little time left. It’s our assumption that this dog was either very ill or in very much pain and that he is on his way to be put to sleep, but we are not sure.

What we do know is that the image is of a dog on his last car ride. It’s an image that makes all of us look a second time at the photo to see the look on this dog’s face. You can see that this is an old dog. You can see that he has lived a long life. You can also see that he seems to know that the end is near. He tilts his head up toward the sun at the window, and he almost appears to be taking in the fresh air with a content look on his face. He seems to know, and he seems to be all right with what is to come in his life.

This is a dog that seems to know life is over for him, and he seems to be enjoying this moment. Perhaps he is thinking back to the times in his life he was in the car, or running free in the yard, or with the kids he loves so much. Perhaps he is thinking that he will miss his humans or that they will miss him. It’s a touching photo, and there simply are no words to express the emotion captured in this single image.

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