Photographer Uses Flower Arrangements To Help Abandoned Pit Bulls Find Homes

Sophie Gamand knows these dogs are impossible to resist

Sophie Gamand of Striking Paws knows that pit bulls get a rough rap from so many people. She is perfectly aware that thanks to thoughtless, uneducated owners who take these dogs and breed them to fight for money, profit and entertainment have ruined the breed for so many people. These dogs, bred to fight and raised their entire lives in conditions that are far worse than deplorable, are often seen on the news depicted as killer animals looking to take lives left and right. However, this is just not the truth. These beautiful dogs do sometimes go rogue thanks to their careless and dangerous upbringing.

Sophie Gamand photographed Amy

However, the vast majority of pit bulls are friendly animals that are amazing with children and love people endlessly. Even those raised in horrible conditions can often be rehabilitated and turned into wonderful pets. And Sophie Gamand knows that if people just see this, they’ll be more likely to give these dogs a chance at a forever home. For that reason, this talented photographer has created a unique and very interesting way to portray these dogs so that they are able to be seen a whole new light.

Sophie Gamand pit bull flower dogs

She uses photography to capture these dogs wearing beautiful floral arrangements so that they appear softer, more beautiful and far less dangerous. So far, it’s working quite well for this gorgeous breed. Her photos are lovely, and it’s difficult not to look at these dogs and see so much more than just a dangerous animal with a bad reputation. We dare you to take a look at these gorgeous pit bulls in their lovely flower arrangements and tell us that they seem dangerous and disturbing. Gamand’s work is bringing a whole new light to these dogs, and it is something that absolutely cannot be denied when you see the photos.

Sophie Gamand's pit bull photography

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