The Physical Demands That All Dog Owners Need To Understand

Man and central Asian shepherd walk in the park.

We know dogs are cute. We know dogs are sweet and loyal. We know dogs are mostly loving and affectionate. We know that about dogs. But there are some other factors when it comes to dogs that people need to know about. Bringing a dog into your life because it is cute and will love you and be a good companion to you is a great reason to get a dog. But there are many demands on your end that need to be met, or you are not ready for owning a dog. These are the physical demands that all dog owners need to understand.

Basically, to make a long story short, if you cannot commit to the physical activity that a healthy dog will require on a daily basis, you have no right to get a dog. Dogs, just like humans, can get overweight and develop serious health issues as a result of that. To want a dog is one thing. To know you can provide for that dog is another. Yes, maybe you can afford food and keep it happy in that sense, but what about the exercise? Let it be known that dogs need exercise daily, and if you or someone you know is getting a dog and not meeting that requirement, you have every right to call them out. We don’t just love dogs here, we advocate for them, too.

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