Pit Bull Has Some Fancy Tricks Up Her Sleeve!


Anyone that has ever owned a dog knows that they are exceptionally smart animals. They learn quickly and you can teach them to do just about anything provided you have the time and energy dedicated to teach them. Dogs are very intelligent, and they like to have new challenges thrown at them. That’s what makes this dog particularly cool – much cooler than any other dog we’ve ever seen. This dog is doing tricks that most of us can’t even get our kids to do.

This adorable Pit Bull can help with dinner, provide you with a tissue when you need to blow your nose and pretty much run the household with just a few words and a nod from his human mother. In an effort not to sound bitter, this amazing pit bull even picks up his toys when he is finished playing and puts them away. I still have to ask my kids to do that at least two dozen times before threatening to throw it all in the trash if it’s still on the floor when I enter their rooms. This dog is remarkable, and it gives the rest of the world hope that they can teach their own dogs some seriously cool tricks.

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