Pit Bull is So Terrified She Won’t Respond To Anyone But This Little Boy

pit bull

In New Zealand, one animal rescuer was able to save the life of a pit bull from the streets. This gorgeous dog goes by the name of Nala, and she was on the streets when she was found and rescued. However, she was terrified to the point that she refused to move from one spot in the far back corner of her new kennel for days. She was there for several days and no one could get her to come to them, to move or to look anything but horrifyingly depressed and scared. That’s when Abbie, the owner of the rescue, had a wonderful idea. She has a seven-year-old son who is sweet as a button, so she asked him to come with her to the kennel one day after Nala had been there a few days.

The second the little boy walked into the room with the kennel, Nala perked right up and came to him immediately. It was the first time she moved, and it was the first time she looked happy and excited since she was picked up. She even allowed Abbie to come to her, and she responded to Abbie in a way that was very favorable when her little boy was near her. It’s Abbie’s assumption that Nala might have been mistreated by adults at some point in her life, but a child must have been very kind to her. Now Nala lives with this little boy and his mother, and her life is so much happier. You have to see this amazing transformation right before your eyes.

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