Pit Bull Puppy Adorably Fails At Jumping Up On The Bed


Puppies are too cute for words, especially when they work so hard to accomplish something. This baby pit bull is so cute by itself, and he has some serious dedication to what he wants to accomplish. He’s actually kind of inspiring. What we love about this dog in particular is that he’s a pit bull, and pit bulls are very focused on accomplishing what they have in mind. They like to have a job, get it done and then receive the praise and recognition that comes with it. This little pit bull wants to do what his owners are asking, but he keeps failing. Fortunately for us, watching him fail is adorable.

You see, his owners want him to get up into their bed with them. So he does what he’s asked; or he tries to, at least. The poor dog is nowhere near the bed when he makes the decision to jump straight up and try to get up there. It’s cute to watch him fall down and do it again. Persistence is key, however, because this dog is not about to let failure stop him from making it up there, and that’s what we love about him. He is going for it.

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