Pit Bull That Loves Cats Gets A Kitten Of His Very Own

dog and cat

When Rebecca adopted a three-month-old pit bull from a shelter six years ago, she had no idea how much her dog would fall in love with cats. She was living in Phoenix at the time, and she and her new dog, Bubba, had a roommate; a friend of Rebecca’s. Rebecca’s roommate and friend had a cat at the time, and the cat had a litter of kittens of its own. The dog grew up around the kittens until they were old enough to be placed in homes of their own, and he loved them endlessly. Rebecca says that he didn’t just love his kittens, he love loved his kittens in a way that was obsessive. She knew then and there that the dog would love to have one of his own at home to grow up with, but she wanted to wait a while before she got one.

This year, she moved with Bubba to New York City. Together, they decided that they’d adopt a kitten. They sent out some applications and finally found a sweet little kitten looking for a forever home of his own. Rue is her name, and she fits right into the family like it’s no problem in the least. Now this little family of three is happier than they’ve ever been, and Bubba and his new best friend are quite literally inseparable. They do everything together, and Bubba protects the kitten like she is his own baby and his own special friend. It’s the most adorable.

Photo by Instagram

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