Pit Bulls, Other Breeds Placed on Dangerous Dog List

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We can understand that the following article will upset some people. We are not reporting it for that reason. We are reporting it because it is important news in the dog world, and that is part of what we do. Inform. Even on the cases (like this) when we just end up being the delivery guy, but we catch all the heat, anyway. Seems Pit Bulls (as well as many other breeds, so Pit Bull owners, relax) have just been placed on the Dangerous Dog Registry put together by the Dept. of Agriculture in Pennsylvania every year.

The registry is compiled by number of attacks, circumstances of attack, and severity of attack among other things. Though we know this gets Pit Bull owners to fly off into rage, maybe it is that very rage that may be the problem here. There was a case near where one of our writer’s lived last week of a Pit Bull who had no history of violence turning on someone. We know this happens with many breeds, but until Pit Bulls stop falling into the wrong hands, this will not stop. Keep in mind, they do not factor in dogs who attacked people who broke into their homes or businesses, or dogs who were protecting their owners from other animals or people.

We do want people to know, many other dogs made the list as well. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but don’t kill the messenger. We love the breed as much as anyone else.

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

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