A Pitbull Alerts Owner about Housefire

Sometimes when your dog is barking you don’t pay it much attention. It could be a normal function of their day and you don’t necessarily think anything is wrong. However, when your dog is barking incessantly and won’t stop? That might be another situation entirely. As was the case in Oklahoma late last week.

Turns out that a fire was started in the home of an elderly man living in Tulsa. Firefighters were easily able to put out the fire which appeared to have started in the kitchen. But how were they able to do this so quickly? One of the neighbors of the man has a Pitbull who wouldn’t stop barking. When she went to see what was going on she quickly realized her dog was alerting her to the fire.

Because of the dog’s barking, firefighters were able to put out the fire before it had a chance to get too big. Way to go!

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