The Pitbull Mastiff Mix: A Powerful Protection Dog


If you are looking for the perfect protection dog, then you really can’t get a better dog than a Pitbull Mastiff Mix.  These powerful dogs are also known as the American Bandogge. These impressive dogs have been around longer than many people think.  In fact, the term Bandog has been used for many centuries dating back to the year 1250, which refers to a Mastiff Mix that has yet to establish a breed. Most of these Mastiff crosses where used as working dogs to protect livestock and the home.

The American Bandogge is a cross between the American Pitbull Terrier and the Mastiff.  While still considered a Bandog by many breed associations, the American Bandogge is recognized by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club.  Just like many Mastiff crosses in the past, the American Bandogge is expected to one day be recognized as its own breed.

The characteristics of the American Bandogge

When it comes to the Pitbull Mastiff cross the sheer size of the dog might be intimidating for some.  Weighing in at over 100 pounds, the American Bandogge is all muscle.  A very powerful animal, this dog breed is definitely designed with work in mind.  While some people may believe this dog to be very aggressive, this simply isn’t the case.  In fact, the American Bandogge is quite docile if properly trained.  But this animal can be very dominating if left unattended so owners will have to spend time with the animal.

Bred primarily for protection, these beautiful animals will do a great job keeping your family safe.  The only drawback to the American Bandogge when it comes to protection is they hardly ever give a bark as warning.  This could be a problem for those who have lots of strangers coming and going from the home.  So if you are going to purchase one of these puppies, make sure to keep this in mind when training them.

When you have a Pitbull Mastiff Mix the coat color is typically brindle but a wide range of different colors including red, black, blue and tawny can occur.  So therefore there is no standard color when it comes to these dogs.  But no matter what color the dog turns out they are always beautiful animals.

Is a Pitbull Mastiff Mix right for a family?

While these dogs are great for protection they can become dominating and take to one person. This may make them aggressive to other people as well as animals so you have to keep this in mind.  Families with small children should avoid purchasing these dogs. But if you are a single person, the American Bandogge would make the perfect pet.  Remember to spend lots of time with the dog because a passive owner will run into trouble with this breed.

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