This Police Dog Was Shot Right In Front Of His Partner and Then a Miracle Happens


Just like police officers, police dogs are also in danger while on duty.  They put there lives on the line to keep the rest of us safe.  One dog officer named Bruno, was out on patrol with his partner when the worst happened.  During a gun battled that involved the officer, whose name is RJ Young, Bruno was chasing a suspect when he was shot in the face.  Young who was also chasing the suspect, witnessed the event and his whole world was shattered in a matter of seconds.  Bruno was not only Young’s partner, but is also his best friend.  Seeing Bruno covered in blood really worried the officer and he didn’t know if Bruno was going to make it or not. Bruno was very brave during the ordeal and he did not even whimper when the shot was fired.  The courageous canine made his way back to his partner on his own.

Right after the shooting, police shut down roads leading to the animal hospital where Bruno was taken to the ER.  A team of people worked to save Bruno’s life and luckily they were able to do so.  Being shot at pointblank range, the dog was in bad shape.  The team worked on the animal and removed the bullet, which had made its way inside of the dog’s lung.  They also worked to repair his jaw, which was shattered by the impact of the bullet.

Bruno is now recovering from his injuries and is expected to be ok.  But this police dog will be retired after he is better.  Bruno is a six-year veteran of the force and he deserves to take it easy from now on.  Officer Young is going to adopt Bruno, so that the team never has to be broken up. This story had a happy ending and hopefully Bruno will get to go home with his now forever owner and partner till the end.  It is not clear at the time of this article if the suspect was apprehended or not.  Hopefully whoever shot Bruno in the face will be charged with attempted murder of a police officer.

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