Pomeranian Loves Modeling New Hair Styles in the Shower

shower dog

Some dogs have a thing for the shower. Most dogs are not huge fans of actually being cleaned, even though they love the idea of playing in the shower. I’ve never seen a dog that loves the idea of sitting still while being sprayed with water they are not allowed to jump in, run in, swim in and make a mess with. It seems that they know the difference between a boring old ‘clean me up’ shower and a fun romp in the pool or the sprinkler in the middle of the day, and they don’t always love it. Either way, dogs aren’t always fans of showers. They tend to just want to be let out so that they can have fun and get away once again. This dog, though, loves the shower.

This fuzzy little Pomeranian has no problem when his people stick him in the shower. In fact, he doesn’t mind getting clean because it’s a chance for him to show off his good looks and his stellar amazingness. He has some seriously good hair, and he wants us all to see it. He allows his owners to style his hair for him in the shower and video it so we can all see just how stylish he really is. This is one cool dog, and we don’t mind seeing him with his fancy new hair. Take a look at the video to see for yourself that this dog and his owner have too much fun with bath time.   

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