The Pomeranian Maltese Mix: A Very Lovable and Well Behaved Pooch

Pomeranian Maltese Mix

When it comes to the world of canines there isn’t a bigger craze right now than designer dogs.  These mixed breed pooches are often preferred and many people are starting to purchase them rather than getting a pure breed dog.  It seems there has been an explosion of the amount of different kinds of cross breed dogs on the market today.

But one particular designer dog has become more popular than the rest.  The Pomeranian Maltese Mix is now a very common animal that can be found in cities and towns across the United States.  These small animals are being breed by countless breeders trying to cash in on this craze.  This has also caused a lot of controversy and many puppy mills have sprung up over the country.

They Make Very Good Companion Animals for Both the Young and the Old

One of the biggest selling points when it comes to the Pomeranian Maltese Mix is their temperament. These dogs seem to be very well behaved and have an affectionate personality that makes them very sweet. Because they are so easy going, they make the perfect pet for a young first time dog owner.  But due to their passive nature they also make great companion animals for the elderly. They are also very easy to take care of and don’t require a lot of grooming to look their best.  But it is advised that you take them to a doggy salon at least once a month to maintain their hair length.

They Can Be Found at Many Animal Shelters around the Country

One of the sad parts of breeding these animals for profit is that many of these dogs end up in shelters.  Some breeders who are only in it for the cash will breed as many of these little dogs as possible and try to sell as many as they can.  They are often left with several of these dogs that they couldn’t sell right away as puppies.  So instead of doing the right thing and taking care of these animals they send their left overs to the pound.

So if you are going to get one of these animals as a pet I would suggest checking your local shelter before going to a breeder.  You will be helping out while still getting to enjoy this very fine crossed breed pooch. Your new pet will surely be thankful you made this wise decision.

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