Pomeranian Puppy Does a Perfect Backstroke


Dogs are highly intelligent and incredible creatures that have an awesome array of talents. They can do tricks, soothe your soul and they can even do a number of things that we humans can also do – and sometimes, they can even do it better! Some dogs can be better athletes than most of us humans can be, some are even better listeners than we are. Still, there are those dogs who can really swim a lot better than we can. After all, they even have a swimming form named after them: dog paddling! While some dogs cannot swim and float for the life of them, many actually can swim – and those that can do so with ease and precision. In a viral video, one canine shows off their aquatic skills, shaming many of us humans and causing most of us to think twice about enrolling in swimming lessons!

In the 14-second video below, a talented Pomeranian takes it to the swimming pool, shaming most of us with its skill in swimming a perfect backstroke. At first, the dog whose name appears to be Joseph, starts swimming in his human’s swimming pool doing a simple doggy paddle. Cheered on by his humans, the dog goes from one end to the other. When the adorable Pomeranian ends up at the other end, he then floats on his back and ends up doing quite the impressive backstroke back to the other side. The very determined little canine switches over with such ease that it’s a bit confusing as to why his human didn’t let him go to the other side and why she ended up pulling him away from finishing his backstroke to the other side. It’s an incredibly adorable – and slightly intimidating – sight to see, and we wonder if we can take a lesson from dear Joseph who can school us any day on swimming skills!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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