The Most Popular Puppy Instagrams of 2014


It’s been an amazing year for dogs.  We’ve featured every single breed you can imagine.  We’ve had stories of rescues, miracles, heartache, and hope.   But if there’s one constant in any dog site, the answer is pretty simple:  adorable pictures!   Nothing gets us going or in a better mood than sharing a cute picture of a puppy doing something funny, cute, sad, or with another animal.

We decided to scan popular photo sharing site Instagram for some of the most talked about, likes, and commented on pictures taken in 2014.   Believe us when we tell you that this is one gallery you’re going to want to take a look at.  And probably more than once.   From Corgis to teddy bears, to a bulldog wearing one of the coolest T-shirts a bulldog could wear, here are the most popular puppy Instagrams of 2014.

Sheldon is a little down – cheer up!

Puka wearing a bowtie

A photo posted by chilberg (@chilberg) on

Love those Glasses!

A Movember cutie

A photo posted by clari & lia (@clari_calahari) on

Sweet Dreams

Couple of Teddy Bears

A photo posted by @ps.ny on

Part Corgi and Part Starfish

Don’t worry, I got breakfast covered!

Shhhh, I’m hiding!

A photo posted by Dada (@dog_dada) on

Husky Love

So tiny!

A photo posted by Piggy & Polly (@piggyandpolly) on

I had muffin’ to do with this

Love that collar

Thanks to Harlow and Sage for some of these!

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