Pregnant Dog Was Abandoned While In Labor But Watch When She Finally Sees Her Pups

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In July of 2012 a mother dog was abandoned by her owner, at a county shelter.  The dog which was in poor condition was actually in labor at the time she was dropped off. After giving birth to her puppies, the mother dog was having a hard time nursing, because of her thickly matted hair.  That’s when someone from the shelter contacted Bill Foundation, a local non-profit animal rescue group.  The group sent a team to go and get the dog from the shelter and they arrived the next morning and waited for the shelter to open.

The puppies where placed in a cage and the dog was taken out on a leash.  Then the mother dog was placed in the same cage as the puppies and the team left the shelter.  A local animal medical center agreed to take the family of dogs in and the team drove to their location.  The mother dog was taken away from the puppies and she was shaved, in order for her to be able to nurse properly.  It took 90 minutes for the dog to be shaved down and she was very worried about her puppies during the process.  But when she finally got to see her puppies again, the look on her face was simply amazing.

The mother dog quickly began to encourage her puppies to nurse and shaving the dog did the trick.  She was able to give them the vital milk that they needed, to become healthy and strong.  Now all of the dogs including the mother have been brought back to good health.  The puppies are growing and soon they will be able to go home with people that adopt them.  This is great news for the animals and this tragic story has a very happy ending.  As you will see in the video, the mother dog is very thankful that the team rescued her and the puppies.  While she is a bit on the shy side, she likes to give lots of love to the people around her.  If you want to watch this amazing story unfold, make sure to check out the video below.

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