Why Do Prong and Shock Collars Still Exist?

Okay, I may be out of line here, and I mean no disrespect by any of this. But honestly, why do prong and shock collars still exist? I know the obvious reasons they exist, mind you. I know in most aspects they exist to help keep dogs safe. I realize this. But I look at them (and again, this is strictly my opinion) as rather cruel and archaic. One could very much make an argument that kids from 2o years ago were a lot more respectful then kids today, and that was because parents could still spank them, but does that mean we should still be spanking and smacking our kids, too? My point is, isn’t there a less “painful” way for us to teach these dogs these lessons? How many years have these been used, and you’re telling me there have no real advancements made?

I mean, I know we are not alone in this, because there are pieces all over the web from reputable sources about how this is an ongoing debate and something needs to change. Yet, if you go on the websites of MAJOR chains that sell pet supplies and such, you can still find prong and shock collars. Let me ask you, have you ever seen the neck of a dog who has had a prong collar on for too long? Well, coming from a dog lover, let me tell you, you don’t want to.

What people need to understand is, shock collars and prong collars followed the lead of basic psychiatry in the early 1900’s. As soon as humans figured out shock therapy was inhumane, they stopped seeing it as a viable method of therapy. So in that sense alone, I ask you. Why is it still okay to do these things to our dogs?

Please, if you have a rational answer, take to our comments and let me know. I may still have a lot to learn on this.

(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

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