How to Properly Groom a Yorkie


Grooming is very essential to a Yorkie’s overall health.  So if you own one, you need to keep them well-groomed to promote good health and prevent problems such as skin conditions before they start.  Grooming a Yorkie is time consuming but don’t dread it, instead make it a quality time that you and your pooch share together. Yorkies hair needs to be maintained just like a human hair because it’s very similar to our hair.  Below are the three important tasks that you need to do when grooming the hair or coat of your Yorkie.

Brushing – This task need to be done daily.  To prevent breakage make sure that your Yorkie’s hair is a bit damp before you start brushing it.

Bathing – This task generally depend on how dirty your pooch gets.   You can do this weekly or bi-weekly.  Always use shampoo and conditioner on your pup’s hair.  Please don’t use human hair products on your dog because the ph balance is different.  Therefore, it won’t work.

Trimming – If you like to keep a short coat for your Yorkie, trim their hair monthly or bi-monthly.  For long coats, you can trim it whenever needed.  Trimming will give you the chance to remove hair that can cause any health-related issues and work out a new hair style too.  Take your pup to a professional groomer for trimming if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Easy trimming tasks that you can do by yourself are as follows:

Cut away any excess hair that are on your Yorkie’s feet once every month.  You can do this by using a standard hair-cutting scissors with rounded tips.

Trim around your adult Yorkie’s ears to highlight their upright point.  Trimming the hair around the ears for puppies will help it stand erect.  Trim the hair half way down on the front and back of the ears.  To do this, use clippers with a number 40 blade.

Trimming the hair around the anus of your dog will help save you from cleaning a mess.  Cut the hair short, in a circle and about one inch in diameter from the anus.  For male Yorkies, you need to wipe their urine daily to prevent any staining.

Teeth Cleaning

Brushing your dog’s teeth will save them from having gum disease and infection, bad breath and plaque.  Having a healthy mouth will sure make your pooch happy.  If you’re not comfortable doing this task, take your dog the vet or professional groomer.

Ear Cleaning

Everytime you groom your pooch, do a quick check of their ears.  Look for wax, dirt, hair blocking the ear canal and any signs of infection.  Use a cotton ball or swab, ear-cleaning solution, tweezers or scissors to clean your pup’s ears.  Remove the excess hair then put a drop of solution on the swab and wipe the inside of the ear gently.

Nail Clipping

Clipping your pup’s nails regularly will help prevent problems.  Since Yorkies’ nails are black you can’t see the quick which makes the task tough.  If this is too hard for you to do and you don’t want to cut the quick, take your pooch to the vet or groomer.

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