How to Protect Your Dog From Foxtail Season

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Foxtail season is no good. Most dog owners are familiar with what this is, but for those who don’t know, we will give you a quick lesson. Foxtails are a bristly little plant that comes to bloom around this time every year, and they are known for getting lodges inside dog’s noses (eyes, ears, and so on). Honestly, dogs run through the woods and these things act like little slivers and go up their nose and lodge themselves in many areas. There are some cases of owners not knowing how bad it that their dogs were suffering until they started bleeding out of the nose. Yes, it can be a serious issue. But there are some things you can do.

The main problem is, if they move inside the body, they become inherently more dangerous to the dog. Overall, foxtail season ins right for dog owners and dogs.  One thing people do is they buy face nets, such as the Outfox Field Guard. While that may look uncomfortable for the dog, it isn’t. Their vision is barely impaired at all, and air travels 100% through the mesh. What it does do is keep out foxtails and the worry of foxtails from you and your dog’s life.

Other obvious methods are checking their eyes and ears and nose every time they come in during foxtail season, just to ensure they don’t have any lodged in their nose (or ears etc). You could also not let your dog go outside, but what kind of option is that in good weather?

Our main point is, the only thing that will give you the 100% piece of mind you and your dog needs is a face guard. It may require a little bit of cost, but piece of mind is priceless.

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

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