Puppies Fall into Well with Cobra Snake and You Won’t Believe What Happens

puppies and cobra

It was a horrible moment when a man in India could not find his two puppies. They were missing, and he looked everywhere; but he could not find them. It turns out that they’d fallen far down into a well near his home. Their mother was barking furiously to try and alert him of their location, and he finally realized that they’d fallen. Fearing the worst, he was certain that the animals were probably injured after such a long fall, or that they were stuck in water and unable to keep themselves afloat for much longer. However, it turns out that something even worst happened when he looked down into the well and found his two puppies alive and well. They were sitting on the ground, huddled together next to a large Cobra Snake.

The man was unable to get his puppies out of the well without help, but it took almost 48 hours. The entire time that they were down there, this horribly dangerous snake was with them/ However, the snake did not threaten them in any way. In fact, he seemed to stand guard over the dogs and kept them away from the water on the other side of the well. When rescuers were finally able to get down into the well, the snake took off for the other side of the well and watched as the puppies were saved. He was then captured and released in the woods far away from anyone’s home. What an amazing story. It could have been so much more awful, but the snake seemed to know that the pups were in trouble, and did everything in his power to protect them.

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