After These Puppies Are Rescued, Your Heart Won’t Handle What Happens Next


When Hope for Paws got a call from a Costa Rican dog rescue group asking for help, they did not hesitate.  The rescue group wanted members of the Hope for Paws team to fly down to there country and work with them for a week.  After arriving in the country and meeting with members of the group, a call came in and everyone sprang into action.  The call they received was about a sick dog that needed help right away.  After getting the call everyone jumped in the car and started to make there way to the canine.

After arriving at the location, the team members found the frail dog hiding under a car.  The pooch who came from the street, did not have a home to call her own.  One of the team members called for the dog come out from under the car and with a small offering the dog decided to come out.  After some time and some more treats, the dog was starting to get use to everyone that was around.  The team members were able to touch the canine, who they later found out was a girl.  One of the members was able to pick her up and they started to take a closer look at the dog.

While they were looking at the dog, who is now being called Tulip, they noticed she was covered in fleas and her skin had a bad infection. But despite all of her problems Tulip seemed to be in good spirits and welcomed the attention she was getting.  Having been on the streets for so long the dog really needed some love and affection.  After looking at the dog, they took her to there sanctuary to give her the care that she needed. There they gave her a medicated bath, in order to get rid of the fleas and help her skin start to heal.  After the bath Tulip took it easy and lounged in a pet bed that was at the sanctuary.  This is amazing to see and she seems very comfortable.  For the rest of the story and to see Tulip’s transformation please check out the video below.

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