Puppy Bowl Flashback: Puppy Lockout at Puppy Bowl VII

As you all know, we are almost there. Half way through the month, and half way to the epic majesty of Puppy Bowl X. You know we have been spending time this month flashing back to our favorite Puppy Bowl memories thanks to Animal Planet, and today we are actually going to look back on one of the most stressful moment in all of Puppy Bowl.This is a Puppy Bowl flashback unlike any we have shown so far. I am, of course, talking about the Puppy lockout of Puppy Bowl VII. Something none of us will ever forget. Okay, I am making it sound way too dramatic. It was still absolutely adorable.

As I am sure most of you know, this Puppy Bowl flashback about the puppy lockout is really a nod to the 2011 NFL lock out. You know. Those absurd moments when athletes or officials refuse to partake in games because of contraction disagreements (which usually boil down to one side demanding more money). The good thing, these adorable puppies who partook in Puppy Bowl VII are not like that at all. As a matter of fact, after watching this footage, it almost seems like they were in on the joke.

Alright,  as is often the case, I want to talk about one aspect of that footage that makes me happy. The sound effect they add when the puppies clash on the field. It is like two tanks colliding. Ot juxtaposes the actual cuteness of the footage quite well, and somehow never fails to make me laugh.

With the actual Puppy Bowl getting closer and closer, are you getting ready? What are you plans for February 2nd of this year, when the cutest game of the year is played?

You know we will be here, bringing you some sweet stadium side highlights. After all, we are Puppy Bowl fans, just like you.

(Lead Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

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