Puppy Bowl Flashbacks: Kitten Halftime Show

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We just got our Puppy Bowl X jerseys in the mail, and they are looking extra sharp this year. No, honestly, we wish. But in all seriousness, we would totally rock Puppy Bowl X jerseys, so someone get on that, stat.

Thanks to Animal Planet, we can watch some awesome footage of one of the older halftime shows from Puppy Bowls past. This time, we are flashing back to Puppy Bowl 8, and want you all to watch the “kitty halftime show”. While it may not be dogs, it is still pretty darn cute and only a statue would be able to watch this and not smile.


About ten seconds into this you can see why it is a Puppy Bowl and not a Kitty Bowl. The thing about cats is, if they want to just stand around and do nothing, they will. A dog will run for that touch down, no matter what. A cat on the other hand, could care less. That disclaimer out of the way, that halftime show was pretty cute. But it was also undeniably cat. Some of them may have been playing with toys and stuff, but a few of them were just standing there with a look on their faces like:

Nah human, I don’t think so. Entertain yourself.

After all, cats will be cats.

So how about we just keep them to the halftime show, and focus on the true stars of the Puppy Bowl? The puppies!

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

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