A Puppy That Was Covered in Tar is Saved by Rescuers

dog in tar

A very young and heroic boy from India found a puppy one day that was almost totally covered in tar.  The dog was trapped in the tar which was being used to repair a local roadway. The canine somehow got stuck in the sticky substance and would surely die if something wasn’t done soon.  The young child decided that he was going to have to be the one to rescue the animal.  The boy carefully pealed the dog from the road and called Animal Aid Unlimited.  The group came out to collect the canine and brought him to their facilities.  Everyone was in shock when they first saw the dog’s condition and many were worried that he would not survive.

The group worked hard to clean the dog off and they started by using vegetable oil and rub it all over his body.  The oil will help loosen the tar from the dog’s fur so that they could wash it off with soap and water.  But this wasn’t going to be an easy task and it would take a long time to remove all of the tar.  Thankfully, the puppy’s head was not covered by the sticky stuff and he was able to take a drink of water before the cleaning process began.

After four oil rubs and four soap baths the dog was finally free of all the tar. Seeing the pooch after he was cleaned up is really amazing and he looks like a totally different animal.  This cute little guy made it through the incident without any injuries and he is lucky to be alive.  If no one would have found him he would surely have died.  Thanks to the little boy who found him and to the rescue group that cleaned him up, he is now going to get a new lease on life. The dog will now be checked out by a Vet and put up for adoption.  This super cute canine will surely be adopted soon and find a forever home to call his own.  To learn more about the story and to see the dog’s miraculous transformation, check out the video below.

Image via YouTube.com

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