Puppy Goes to Extreme Limits to see the New Baby

Baby and dog

When it comes to canines, we all know that our pets can be very curious creatures at times.  The pooch in this next video isn’t just curious but rather obsessed.  You see there is a new baby in the house and this little dog is really excited about the fact.

The video starts out very normal with a baby girl lying on the bed while mom or dad is filming their bundle of joy.  But then the family dog decides to pay a visit to see what’s going on.  When the pooch tries to get closer to the baby by jumping on the bed, it seems the poor little dog simply can’t make the jump.

With the bed being so high and the little dog being so short, each time the animal tries to get on the bed it ends up sliding back down to the floor.  While most dogs would simply give up after a few tries this fury canine doesn’t give up that easily.

As the camera is rolling, you will see the dog jumping up and down many times just to get a glimpse of the baby.  It is really amazing watching this dog’s dedication to just wanting to be near his new human sister.  I bet in the years to come these two will become the best of friends.  This video will probably be kept forever by the parents of the dog and baby, and will probably be later played for the two when they grow up together.

Sadly for the dog he was never able to get on the bed no matter how hard he tried.  But I am sure that the owners of this pooch will allow him to check out the new baby.  This is a very heartwarming video and it proves the love that our pets have for every member of the family including a new little sister.

So make sure to view the video so you can experience what I have.  This is truly a loving dog that simply wanted to be part of the action of having a new baby in the home.

Image via YouTube.com

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