Puppy Mill Dog And Recovering Addict Get a Second Chance at Life


Second chances are necessary on so many levels. Not one of us is perfect, and not everything we do is correct the first time. In fact, most second chances are far more successful than first chances because we have all learned so many things from our mistakes the first time around. Just ask these two; the recovering addict and the dog from a puppy mill. They will both tell you that without the kindness of a second chance, life is not worth living.

Maudelle has been working for three years on recovering from her alcohol addictions, and she’s on the right path. She knew she had a problem and that she had to fix it, but it’s often hard to overcome an addiction. She has been working hard, though, and she’s successful every day so far. She’s known for a while that she wanted a small dog to keep her company, someone she could love that would love her in return.

maudell and brownie

You see, dogs are always willing to give the ones they love a second chance. That’s when Maudelle went to a local animal shelter with her sponsor and met Brownie. Brownie was a rescue, and Maudelle had no idea where he came from, but the two became very fast friends and fell instantly in love. Now they live their own version of happily ever after. It nearly broke Maudelle’s heart to realize that Brownie was raised in a puppy mill, so matted and so uncared for that he was covered in long fur that was stuck together with his own urine and feces. Fortunately for this rescue, both Brownie and Maudelle are being given a second chance at finding love, doing it right and living a good life – we think that they are going to be just fine together.

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