Puppy Shows Big Dog Who’s Boss at the Dog Bowl

Puppy food bowl

When dogs are little, they can often get pushed around by larger and older canines.  But for one tiny little puppy, getting pushed around isn’t something he takes lightly.  As you will see in the video, this little dog is in fact very fearless. It seems to be dinner time at the house of these two dogs.  But the little puppy hovering over the food bowl, simply won’t allow the larger dog to eat.  While you might think that the bigger animal can just simply scare off the little pup, this just isn’t the case.  In fact the larger pooch seems to be the one that is scared.

During the video the larger dog really does try to get the puppy to let him have some of the food.  But the pup barks and even snaps at the other animal and watching it is very funny.  While the little dog is taking the situation very seriously, it’s hard not to laugh at his actions. The entire time the camera is rolling, you can see the puppy guarding the food bowl.  While it is full of food, the puppy seems to think that it’s all his.  I am sure this little dog couldn’t possibly eat all of that food alone, but he is going to try.

During the struggle, the poor larger dog only gets a few bites of food to eat.  As the little dog fusses, he accidentally knocks some food on the floor and the larger dog does his best to gobble it up.  The big dog even tries to sneak behind the little dog, but the pint sized canine is just too fast. It’s really amazing how much courage this little dog has and he seems to never back down.  I guess it’s because he is so small that he feels the need to be strong.  Often times little dogs will be more aggressive than larger ones, to make up for their tiny build.

So if you want to see something really funny, you should check out this video.  But be warned you just might find yourself laughing out loud.

Image via YouTube.com

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