What Qualities Make a Dog Treat “Good?”

Dog treat

When it comes to dog treats there are a lot available in the stores worldwide.  Some people prefer to make their own dog treats.  Many people wonder which treat is better for their pooch, a store bought or a homemade treat.  While there are a few dog treat products that are available in stores that are good, there are also products that aren’t.  While the term homemade sounds better it’s also important to remember that not all homemade products are good.  It really depends on how you prepare it and the ingredients you used.  Below I am going to discuss the qualities that make a good dog treat.

The first quality is good and healthy ingredients.  This is the first thing that any dog owner should look for when buying a dog treat.  For those who are making it themselves it is also very important to use ingredients that are all natural because they are both good and healthy for your pet.

The second quality is good taste and/or flavor.  For many people, any food should taste good and have a good flavor or else the food will just go to waste.  Just like the food that you give to your pup it should have a good flavor and taste or else he will not eat it.  You don’t want to spend money on something your pet won’t eat.

The third quality is freshness.  If you buy dog treats always make sure that the treats aren’t expired.  Dogs don’t like to eat stale treats.  If you make the treats make sure to make enough for a few days and store in a sealed container to keep its freshness.

The fourth and last is its affordability.  Price is not everything when it comes to good dog treats.  You can make good homemade dog treats cheaper than buying it, but there are also treats sold in stores that are affordable and good as well.  You just have to check it out carefully and make sure that it is something that your pooch likes and safe for them too.

Whether you are looking to buy dog treats from the store or making it at the comfort of your own kitchen, always remember to check the ingredients, taste and flavor, freshness and its affordability.

Image via JassicaPowell at Flickr.com

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