Quick Dog Tip of the Day: Think Twice about Chaining Your Dog for Too Long


One of the most common ways your dog can be contained is by chaining them up.  Usually an owner will attach the dog and its leash to a metal pole, tree, or anything strong enough to hold their dogs in place.   However you might want to think twice if you’re going to chain up your dog.   The reason is simple.  Your dog is an animal and by chaining your dog you are forcing your pet to go against all of his instincts.

Many dogs are territorial.  And when chained they become extremely protective of their area and are in fact more prone to biting.  Often times they feel trapped and confined which leads them to be frustrated, agitated, and irritated.  Plus once unchained dogs are more likely to skip out on you in a jiff rather than stick around.

The question is, what do you do?   Well.  In the sentences you just read we are referring to dogs that are chained often.  Dogs that might perhaps be chained in the backyard for the majority of the day.  Or dogs that are often neglected and left chained up for way too long.   The main point of this all is that if you’re in a situation that requires your dog to be tethered then by all means do so, but keep it as short as possible and if you can avoid it, do so.

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