A Ranger in Alaska Saves a Dog from a Cliff Near Glacier


Anytime someone saves a dog, that man is a hero to us. It could be something as simple as saving a dog a piece of bacon, and we will respect it. But what one man did to save a dog will blow your mind. Sadie the dog got lost in an Alaskan state park (full of cliffs and peaks) and because the dog was gray (as you can see from the above pics, she is the same color as the surrounding rocks)  it was very hard to spot. Thankfully, one heroic climber did just that and saved Sadie’s life.

Ranger John Anderson was doing his rounds when he noticed Sadie, near a cliff face. The dog looked weathered and worn, and he was aware they had been looking for her. Rather than alert the dog and scare it, he climbed up behind it and befriended it for a moment before putting it inside his back pack and carrying her down the mountain. That is right. This forest ranger just straight up carried the dog down the mountain. Being smart, he checked the dog for any injuries first (and there was only some slight wear and a look of exhaustion) and when he saw Sadie seemed okay, he saved her. Any man who saves a dog is a true hero to us.

Sadie got there by walking the park with someone from the shelter and wandering off. We are glad for Ranger John Anderson saved the day. We bet Sadie would have one heck of a story to tell. If only we understood her language.

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