Rare Photo Of Akita Who Waited Ten Years For His Human To Return Will Amaze You

Hachi the Akita

Dogs are exceptionally loyal to the ones they love the most, and this Akita is no different. This is a dog with a story that is very, very old. The beautiful Akita was adopted by a man in Tokyo, and the two hit it off immediately. Every single morning as Ueno left for work. Hachi would follow him to the train station and see him off. The dog then returned to the train station every single evening as his owner returned home and the two would walk home together from the train. It was 1924 at the time.

Hachi and his owner did this for more than one year before, one day, a tragic thing happened. Hachi showed up at the train station only to find that Ueno did not get off the train. He waited. The man never appeared. He fell ill and suffered an attack at work, which killed him. Hachi was not satisfied that his owner would never come back to meet him, so he spent the next decade (technically nine years and nine months) going every single day to the train station at the time his owner would have arrived. He would wait for him to get off the train, and he would go home.

He would repeat the process again the following day, until  he became a permanent fixture at the train station on a daily basis. The commuters got to know him, they knew his story, and it touched them all. There was recently a photo of the Akita discovered by the family of Ueno. It was taken by another passenger who loved to take photos of Hachi as he waited for his owner’s train, and it shows the world just how patient and darling this loyal companion really was to the man he loved the most.

Photo by The Japan News 

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