Reasons Why Adding Olive Oil for Dogs is Helpful

Olive Oil is like miracle food for dogs. No, for real. If you add a little bit to their food, you would be shocked at all the benefits it provides. Not only does it taste good to them, but the benefits are exponential. We thought we would take a moment to shine a light on why adding olive oil to your dog’s diet can be extremely helpful (and healthful) to your dog.

First things first, they really like the way it tastes. So there is no harming in  putting a little bit onto their dry food. There is also a health benefit to it in the sense that the mono-saturated fats in olive oil actually encourage weight loss in canines. It is also known to immediately boost the immune syndrome of dogs as well.

The other kickers are it provides a bit of an energy boost for the dogs by improving circulation and blood flow. This leads to a more energetic and healthy dog, as well as a happy one.

Finally, the last point we wanted to make is just how good Olive Oil is for your dog’s coat and skin. Olive Oil can make the coat shinier, brighter, softer, and can actually help with keeping the actual skin of the dog (under the coat) from drying out. SO essentially, and in many ways, olive Oil is miracle food for dogs.

A simple drop or two onto their food before they eat it will not only make them happy because it tastes great, but will help make them healthy, too.

So mangia mangia!

(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

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