The Red Goldendoodle: A True Family Friend

Red Goldendoodle

When it comes to beautiful dogs, mixed breeds are some of the finest.  Gone are the years where only purebred dogs are considered worthy of our attention.  With today’s demand for designer dogs, there are many different crosses that you can choose from. But one mix in particular, the Red Goldendoodle has really impressed a lot of people.  This Golden retriever poodle mix has spread far and wide with many people owning them.  This all started in the 1990’s and these dogs are now all over the world.

One of the best characteristics of this crossbreed is their beautiful curly red coat.  This hue of red is highly prized by many people and these dogs can be found as far away as Australia.  So if you are thinking of getting one, you can probably find a breeder near you. Because these dogs do not shed as much as other dogs, they are considered perfect for keeping in the house.  While they still do leave some hair behind, you can easily fix that problem with a light brushing every few days.

When it comes to temperament, these dogs are some of the friendliest and well behaved.  They are easy to train and they are great for homes that have smaller children.  In fact, many people who have kids buy these dogs for their families. These dogs are human oriented and love to be part of the family.  They do well with other pets in the home and you can even allow them to play with cats. But proper socialization is always recommended with any dog you bring into the home.

These dogs are medium sized and they have a lot of energy, so being able to go for daily walks is always a must.  While they are not picky animals, they do love to run and play.  But walking them on a leash is also a great alternative. So if you are looking for a new family pet this year, why not make it a Red Goldendoodle.  These beautiful animals would love to be a part of your family.  So why not get one today?

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