Rescue Bull Terrier Wiggles With Joy When She Experiences A Real Bed For The First Time



You know that overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness you experience when you lie down in your own bed for the first time after a trip? It’s a feeling of happiness that is unmatched by any other. You are in your bed, and your bed is the happiest bed in the world. Imagine your world without a bed. Imagine what it would have been like raised without that comfort and that amazing feeling of happiness and contentment. That’s how Millie was raised.

She’s a seven-year-old bull terrier with a history no one is very sure about. She came to an animal rescue in September after living what the shelter suspects was her entire life in a place where she was not cared for and not loved. She was rescued and found by someone who wanted to help, but no one knew much about Millie. All they know is what the vet tells them; she’s had several litters of puppies in her life and she’s clearly never had any kind of appropriate medical care.

When Millie’s new foster mom took her in as she waits for a forever family to come in and love her forever, she noticed that Millie seems to be experiencing a lot of things for the first time. The first time she gave Millie a bone, for example, the sweet dog did not have a clue what to do with it. Her mother said she picked it up, put it down and stared at it until one of her other fosters began chewing on his. Something else that Millie has never experienced; a real bed. The first time Millie jumped onto the bed of her foster mother, she wiggled and began running around with joy. She’s a classic example of the old saying that it really is the simple things in life.

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