Rescue Dog Rescues His Human By Sensing Danger Inside the Home

rescue dog

Meet Carl. He is a rescue dog that had a rough start. He was unwanted and unloved by anyone, and he was in a shelter in need of a loving home and a loving family to take him to their home to give him the kind of life he really deserved. He is a sweet, loving dog with so much to offer. Drew Smith recognized that quality in his dog right away. He saw that this lonely dog just needed a friend; someone to call his own. Someone to love him. He decided right then and there to take this dog home with him and rescue him. It was the best decision he ever made; literally. This dog turned around and saved his life.

When Drew was in bed one night, Carl was losing his mind. He was barking like crazy, and he would not stop. He kept barking, hysterical and clearly frantic, and he did everything in his power to wake Drew up from his sleep. He sensed a danger Drew never would have known about if it were not for this amazing dog. The house was filled with smoke when Drew woke up after hearing his dog barking frantically. It turns out that there was a smoldering fire between the walls of his home for several days that he knew nothing about, and it was spreading. Had it not been for this dog, he might not have woken up in time to get out of the house and live to tell his story. Check out the amazing video below to see the full story.

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