Rescue Team Gives Hope To This Sweet Dog Who Was Hit By a Car

Dog hit by a car

When Amy was born, she did not know that her little chihuahua life would turn out the way that it did. When rescuers were called about a dog that was hit by a car, they were horrified to hear that the little chihuahua had been hiding for weeks under a shipping container. She was there for so long that rescuers were amazed that this little dog was even alive. The first thing they thought when they saw her that the dog was adorable. They could see the blood on her little white body. They were worried, but they did not give up despite the fact that the dog was too scared to come out of her hiding place.

After a while they took a 20-foot pole and stuck it under the container, trying to make her come out because she was terrified. They were able to get her out, and the little dog was very scared. They were able to get her in a net and calm her down. She was matted and covered in blood, and she was not happy. In what was probably a lot of pain, this dog needed some help. Finally able to get a leash around her, they put a towel around the little girl and called her Amy. She now has a second chance at life, despite the fact that she had a badly broken bone in her leg. She underwent surgery and began working with humans to learn to trust them again. She is now with a foster family and looking for a home of her own.

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