After Being Rescued from Hurricane Katrina, Boxer Dog Gets New Life Helping Others

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Molly, a Boxer pup, was three years old when Hurricane Katrina hit.  Although the pooch is very lucky to have survived, the catastrophe left her homeless and was scheduled to be put to sleep.  Fortunately, BARC or Boxer Aid and Rescue Coalition in Tallahassee, FL gave the pup a second chance in life.  The rescue group also managed to find Molly a foster home.  A retiree named Ed from Monticello, Florida decided to foster the pup.  Ed just lost his beloved Boxer not too long ago.  Even though he wasn’t sure if he’s ready to take in another pup, he decided to check Molly out.  The minute Ed and Molly met, they fell for each other.  The two hit it off right away!  Molly saw Ed’s car window was open.  So the pup decided to get inside the car by making its entrance through the window.  Once inside the car the adorable boxer sat down and looked at Ed.  “She knew exactly what she was doing,” recalled Ed.

Molly adjusted quickly to living with his new home and pet dad.  The pup’s sweet and affectionate nature made Ed realize that she will make a great therapy dog.  The pair signed up for an 8-week training classes through Pet Partners, a renowned organization that promotes human-animal therapy, education and activities.  The duo did well in their training and became a certified team.  Molly and Ed has been touching lives in the Tallahassee area for more than 10 years.  For two years now, they have been working with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Animal Therapy.  Stephanie Perkins, manager of TMH Animal Therapy Program  described the duo as “truly inspirational.”

According to Ed, Molly is very friendly but she has a special spot in her heart.  She admire her pet dad’s grandchildren so much that she follows them wherever they go in the house.  “Without fail, one or two kids will really affect her.  She will go right over to them and rest her head in their lap,” said Ed.  When the pair were giving presentation for at-risk teenagers, Molly decided to crawled into the lap of a young man and for over an hour they sat together.  While sitting together the young man petted the pup.  “When we left, the young man said that Molly made such a positive impression on him that he intended to become a vet.  We later found out that he actually applied to the University of Florida and was accepted, ” Ed said.  Molly and Ed are sure doing a wonderful job in helping others.  They are a great inspiration!

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