Rescued Pit Bull and Her Ball Pit Are Blowing Up the Internet


Pit bulls get such a bad reputation for being the kind of dogs that attack and kill. If you watch the news, you’ll see people calling them animals (and not in the funny and ironic manner that might make us giggle otherwise) and dangerous. They’re not. Sure, some animals are not properly raised and do become aggressive and dangerous, but it’s not designated to this particular breed. In fact, the most timid and friendly dog I know is an American Bully and the scariest dog I know was a 4-pound teacup Pomeranian that wouldn’t have thought twice about making you a midnight snack.

This pit bull just goes to show that the rumors and the misconceptions are just that; rumors and misconceptions. This darling dog was rescued and is now living a much nicer life. And what’s so much fun about this adorable pit bull is her reaction to her ball pit. It’s like Christmas every second of the day for this little one, and she’s loving the fact that she can show off how happy she is just playing and having fun. In fact, she doesn’t even look remotely dangerous in the least, and that’s what makes her cool.

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