Rescuers Save Abandoned Greyhound Puppy and His Blind Sister

blind dog and her brother

When women in a Madrid shelter for battered and abused women show up for help hiding from the men who hurt them, they do not expect to find anyone wandering the property. However, upon waking up one morning, that’s exactly what happened. These women found that there were two greyhounds walking the property, and they noticed right away that one of the dogs was blind. Not knowing how they ended up there, the women assumed that the two dogs – clearly siblings – were abandoned. Feeling a bit of a kinship with the dogs, they built a dog house and began caring for these animals.

The dogs needed to go to a shelter, and they eventually did. However, they were very thin and uncared for and needed some help. They’re healthy now, but they still need time to recover from being mistreated for so long, and then they will be put up for adoption.

What is so unique about these dogs is that they are brother and sister, and the brother would not leave his sister’s side no matter what. They named the dogs Pisper and Blinder. Blinder, the female, has no eyesight, and her brother would not leave her side acting as her guide and her eyes. They clearly needed some help. The vet saw them and determined that Blinder’s loss of eyesight is the result of a viral infection and she will likely regain her sight after she undergoes a full course of medical treatment. It’s good news for this little dog, and her puppy brother. He is so protective and sweet, even at such a young age. It’s a beautiful story of lost souls helping out a few more lost souls in an effort to make the world a better place. We love a happy ending, and this is a story with more than a little happiness.

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