This Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix Is Having the Time of her Life!

Dog and water hose

If you like cute dog videos then you are in luck.  You see, I have found a really good one to share with you all today.  In the video placed below this article, you will find a very adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix.  This high energy dogs seems to love to play with the water hose that her owner is holding. The video might not be very long, but it is a joy to watch.  A lot of dogs run when they see the water hose come out, but this pooch seems to love it.  I can imagine that when it comes time for a bath, this canine is easy to handle.

As you watch the video, you will notice that the dog is actually trying to bite the water that is coming out of the hose.  While this can be a fun way to play with your dog, you have to be very careful.  Water under high pressure can be forced down the dog’s throat, causing it to chock.  But this owner seems to know when not to squirt the hose towards her dog’s mouth.

This dog looks to be young and is at that stage in life when dogs love to play.  Getting exercise becomes a game with dogs this age, as you will see in the video.  A very fun loving animal, this doggy sure does love to play with the water as if it was a toy.

She is also a very beautiful dog and being a Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix, she comes from two very good breeds.  Both of her parents where working dogs and being part Lab is one of the reasons she love water so much.

I really like how she jumps at the water showing her strength.  I am sure that if she was needed on the farm, she would really be a helpful animal.  But for now she is just having fun in the backyard with her beloved owner.

So make sure to check out this action packed video.  You will really enjoy watching this fine canine playing with the water hose.

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