The Rottweiler Lab Mix: A Very Common Dog Hybrid

Rottweiler Lab Mix

A very common cross, the Rottweiler Lab Mix can be found in homes across the country.  Due to its nature these fun loving dogs have the energy of a Labrador and the stamina of a Rottweiler. Many people love these hybrid animals simply because they make beautiful pets.  There are several names that people have given the Rottweiler Lab Mix including; Labrottie, Rottwador, Rott’n Lab and Rottador.  While this dog isn’t recognized by any of the major breed associations, the American Canine Hybrid Club have this dog listed on its registry.  Many people who breed these impressive canines would like to one day see this dog listed as a separate breed.

This Dog Comes From Two of the Most Popular Dog Breeds in the United States

This hybrid dog comes from two of the most common dog breeds in the U.S. and it’s no wonder why the Labrottie is increasing in popularity.  The characteristics of this beloved pooch, is a beautiful mix of two very powerful animals.  It is very muscular and also considered a working dog by many which are often used for home protection.  Having a head like the Labrador gives this animal a keen sense of smell and is very attractive.  But when it comes to the body this dog is all Rottweiler. With massive bulk, the Labrottie has a strong muscular system that is very apparent. Having strong muscles allows this dog to keep going without slowing down and will often play for hours without tiring out.  So if you are planning to add one of these dogs to your family, make sure you have lots of room for them to exercise.

What to Expect From This Power Combination’s Temperament?

While each and every dog will have its own temperament, it really depends on which animal the offspring takes after.  If either parents of the dog have aggression issues, there is a chance that the puppy might be aggressive as well.  So if you are going to purchase or adopt one of these animals, make sure that you ask the breeder if there have been any aggression problems with the parent animals.  But with proper training and socialization this aggressive behavior can often be avoided.  If you are going to bring one of these dogs home and you have small children in the house, make sure to start obedience training at a young age.  If you do have children in the home, it’s probably not a good idea to bring one of these dogs into your family without first learning about its background.

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