Saint Bernard’s Sense of Smell Saves Family from House Explosion


Our canine friends are often very loyal to us and do things to show there love.  But one dog did something so amazing for her family, that it will make you smile when you find out what it was.  It all started one night when Jack Damrill was sleeping soundly in his bed.  But Jack would not be able to get a good nights rest for a good reason.  During the middle of the night Jack’s very large Saint Bernard started barking and whining.  The big pooch woke the man up and Jack tried to calm the dog down.  But the dog, whose name is Doree simply would not stop barking.  Then Jack’s cat started to act strange.  This really worried Jack so he got out of bed to investigate the situation.

When Jack got out of bed he went into the kitchen, were he found a stove burner that was still on low. Natural gas had slowly been filling the home all during the evening and into the night.  Jack quickly called the fire department and they came to make sure the house did not catch on fire.  Jack couldn’t smell the natural gas filling the home, but his dog and cat could.  Thanks to both of these loving pets Jack and his home was saved from certain danger.  When Jack asked the firefighters what would have happened if he had not woken up, they told him his house would have exploded.

Jack is very lucky to be alive and he is very thankful that his quick thinking dog and cat saved his live.  Dogs have a very strong sense of smell and can detect even a tiny amount of gas.  While are pets can not talk and tell us about things like the gas filling the home, they can get our attention by barking.  As you will see in the video, Doree is a very beautiful dog who really loves her owner.  To reward Doree for being a hero, Jack is going to buy the dog a big steak for dinner.  This story had a very happy ending thanks to the beautiful canine named Doree.

Here is the amazing video.

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