San Mateo Dachshund Dies at PetSmart with His Groomer


The state of California does not require that dog groomers hold any sort of specific license, which sometimes makes things uncomfortable for dog owners. When a man took his one-year-old Dachshund into a San Mateo PetSmart recently, he assumed he was merely getting his dog groomed so that they could later go home and enjoy his spiffy new look. It wasn’t a few minutes after he dropped his dog off with the groomer, a man by the name of Juan Zarate, that the groomer approached the dog’s owner carrying his little pup where blood was streaming from his mouth. In a panic, they took the dog to the onsite veterinarian to find out what was wrong with the dog. Hardly able to breathe, it was clear there was a medical emergency going on.

The dog did not live more than a few minutes. When an autopsy was performed following the death of the dog so suddenly, it was determined that he had suffered a punctured lung and two broken ribs that he did not have before he was released to the custody of the groomer whose only job was to clean his fur up, give him a little trim and fix his nails. The groomer was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, but later released on bond. Unfortunately, these things happen more often than not, and it’s come to the attention of many that it should be a legal situation that all groomers hold a license that states they are trustworthy and trained.

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