Scientific Proof That Our Brains Love Puppies And It’s Good For Our Health

Puppy dog eyes

We have all had our hearts melt over those puppy dog eyes.  But did you know that dog’s eyes can actually be good for your health?  A recent study indicates that in fact seeing a dog give you puppy dog eyes that does a lot of good things for us.  The first finding suggests that when humans see the eyes of dogs a hormone called Oxytocin is released.  This hormone helps aid in the bonding of a parent and a child.  This is also called the “love hormone” and makes you feel all warm inside when released.  The dogs also have the same release of hormone but in different levels.  The hormone is increased 130% in dogs and up to 300% in humans!  This is one amazing fact, don’t you think?

During the course of this video you will see many dogs giving puppy eyes.  So it would seem likely that if you watch it your “love hormone” levels will increase while you watch it.  One of the most adorable parts of this video clip is when a man and a puppy are playing on the floor.  You can tell that both the human and the dog are having a really great time.  Their bond must be really strong and they really seem to love one another.

The happy music that is being played in the background really helps lift up your spirits and will brighten anyone’s mood.  Another fun part of this video is a super cute Labrador sitting on the bathroom floor.  But what makes this dog so cute is what is attached around his head.  A trash can lid has somehow found its way around his head and then his neck.  There is trash all over the floor then it seems that this dog’s owner has caught him doing something sneaky.  This is a super cute part of the video and a must see.  So if you want to improve your health, you should check out the video which is located below.  You too will be feeling much better after you have seen all of these cute dogs!

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