See a Disabled Pit Bull Walk Again, Thanks to Prosthetic Legs

pitbull walks

A once disabled pup is now able to walk again with the help of prosthetic legs.  Goody is a two-year-old pit bull pup that was abused by its previous owner.  In fact, her hind legs were amputated by her cruel ex-owner.  As a result of her injuries, she had a hard time getting around with just her front legs.  Luckily, Goody was adopted by Amy Felts, a professional dog trainer.  Amy is the perfect pet parent for the pooch because she has lots of experience in taking care of dogs.  Although Goody can move around using only her forepaws, Amy knew that moving around cause pain to the pup.  Also, putting all of her weight on her front legs is not good for her health.

Fortunately, Goody is not going to be in pain whenever she moves around because Orthopets, a company that makes prosthetic limbs for pets, gave her a new pair of prosthetic legs.  The new legs will enable her to live normal again; walk, run and play without any pain.  Orthopets uses 3D technology to make prosthetic limbs fit perfectly.  Before Goody received her new legs she went to see a vet named Douglas Strammel, who was responsible for making a mold of her legs.  Then the mold was sent to Orthopets and after waiting for a few weeks her new pair of legs came and everything after that was just amazing.  Dr. Strammel helped Amy put Goody’s new legs on and instantly the pup started walking naturally, which really surprised the vet.  Usually, dogs who get new legs will have some issues using it for the first time and even days.  But Goody stood up right away with her new legs and obviously, without any issues!

We are so happy to learn about Goody’s story and it’s very heartwarming to see her wonderful transformation.  We bet she is really glad to have back legs once again.  Now she can walk, run, play and do things that any normal dogs do.  Thanks to Amy for giving this adorable pup a second chance in life and to Orthopets for giving her a new pair of legs which gives the feeling of being an able dog.

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