See The Tiny Puppy? Watch What Happens When He Meets A GIGANTIC Great Dane!

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During this video you will see a very tiny dog meeting much larger dogs for the first time.  The tiny dog is a rescue animal, who has not had many opportunities to play with other canines.  But now he has a chance to play with several other dogs and is going to have a blast.  One dog in particular seems to get the little guys attention.  A very large Great Dane is walking around in the play yard, just minding his own business.  When the tiny pooch comes up to the giant dog they both smell one another.  Each of the dogs is probably wondering about each other’s size.

Then something amazing happens.  The Great Dane is now very interested in the smaller animal and starts to follow him around, to see if he wants to play.  The pair runs around together and you can see what appears to be a smile on the little dogs face.  This is truly priceless to see and you can tell that he is very happy!  The little guy stands on his hind legs in hopes of reaching the larger dog.  So the big guy leans down so that his smaller friend can lick him and this is very sweet of him to do.

Towards the end of the clip the other dog comes back into the frame.  He brings what appears to be a ball and tries to get the small pooch interested in playing with it.  But the pint sized dog really loves the Great Dane and doesn’t want to play with the other dog. Then the Great Dane sees something in the bushes and takes off running.  The little dog doesn’t know what is going on and stays put.  It seems that a squirrel has been spotted by the big dog and he runs off to try and catch it.  The squirrel is too fast for the pooch and this ends the video.  This is a super fun video to watch and tons of people have already viewed it.  If you want to see this amazing clip, make sure to check it out below.

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