Selfless Homeless Man Saves Stray Dogs


A woman by the name of Alicia was driving home one night in Arkansas when she noticed an older man with a bike and a trailer attached to the back of his bike. In the trailer was a number of dogs, and she simply could not forget this man and his animals.

In fact, when Alicia saw him this one time, she swore that if she ever saw him again she would stop and help him. And she did; she stopped and she helped Steve and his dog. Homeless since 2001, Steve has made it his mission to help all the strays he finds along the way throughout his travels and his life. He’s helped several dogs throughout the years, and he has many that he calls his own.

It turns out that Steve was on his way to Indiana to see his girlfriend with his dogs. Alicia relayed the story to her mother, who then took to social media to spread the story while asking local animal advocates for help.




It didn’t take two hours before they received many donations, including one from a woman looking to help them get the rest of the way to Indiana. Steve and his dogs were then given a warm motel room with a bed, meals and a shower.


That’s when Angela stepped in. She works for a company that advocates for homeless animals and humans, and she has made sure that Steve and his dogs are given a trailer so that they have somewhere to live.

7It’s been such a surprise to Steve, who never expected this kind of kindness, and all because some random stranger happened to remember his dogs when she saw him for a second time. Steve’s life is forever changed, but not as much as those he touched. You see, Steve had nothing to his name, and he still found a way to give back all that he could to help save the lives of dogs that had even less. He might have less materialistically than the rest of us, but he has far more when it comes to his kindness and his graciousness.


Photos via Steve’s Strays

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